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Roaches are a nightmare and we can tell you how to get rid of them. We know the best methods and where you can find out more information about roach elimination once and for all. Please email suggestions to

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Ant Killer

Did you know that roach killer baits can also kill ants?  Ants are attracted to food sources (bait) and will leave a pheromone trail to the bait.  Have you ever seen ants at work?  They follow in a line and try to eat the entire food source as quickly as possible.  Ants are known to be thrifty and will save food for a rainy day.  The best way to kill ants is to simply use a bait that they take back to the nest.  The ants will save up the bait and live off of it until all the ants are eliminated.  Boric acid baits are a great solution for this.  Boric acid is non toxic and the ants won’t realize that it will eliminate them.   

Here at, we are committed to helping you find good ant and roach killer solutions.  Roach and ant killers don’t have to be confusing when you know that baits are the best choice.  




Roach Killer can help create the mood you want.

Take back your home by eliminating the roaches. It is a constant mood of irritation when you must live with roaches. Learn how to kill roaches with one application once and for all. Please send us stories or information to

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