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Roaches are a nightmare and we can tell you how to get rid of them. We know the best methods and where you can find out more information about roach elimination once and for all. Please email suggestions to

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Roach Killer

Do you need to kill some roaches?  You have come to the right place to learn about how to do just that.

For consumers, there are many types of roach killers.  There are so many, in fact, that it is downright confusing to the home or business owner.  They all claim to kill roaches and that is true.  However, the key point is to ask the right question.  How many products claim to cure the problem for good!! There aren’t that many products that even come close to making such a claim.  It is therefore important to keep in mind what claims the products are making.  For starters, we will start off with the best roach killers and move on down to the least effective means.  That way you can save time and know what is best right off.

Roach Killer by Bait

Bait is the most effective and that is why it is listed first.  First and foremost do you know where in the walls your roaches are hiding?  Roaches are quick and small and can hide in so many places.  It is downright impossible to find them at the source.  That is why it is crucial to get them to come to you.  That is why roach bait is the best way to kill roaches.

The roaches come and feast on the bait.  It is sort of like going to a buffet except that they the roaches are allowed to take the food home.  That means that they will take it to their hiding places and feed younger roaches.  The bottom line is that the nest will be eliminated with the bait products.  Without the nesting and reproduction stopped, the roaches will always keep coming.  Kill them with bait.

There are two kinds of bait.  You can use a boric acid bait or a poison bait.  Many people like the boric acid because it is non toxic and roaches can’t build up immunity to it.  The boric acid dehydrates them.  Boric acid is a naturally occurring element and is known to be as safe as table salt.

Roach Killer by Fumigation

The fumigation process is effective because there is nowhere for the roaches to go.  It is so toxic you actually have to leave the home for a while.  The fumigation will permeate the walls, appliances, and every nook and cranny.  That’s what makes the fumigation effective. 

Suppose, however, that you bring a new roach home from somewhere.  If you rely on fumigation you would have to do it again soon.  The bait process would be superior because the new roach would soon find the bait and eliminate it before it could reproduce.

Roach Killer by Insecticidal Sprays

Sprays can get into a lot of places.  In many cases, the applicator will spray all the carpet in the home and sometimes walls.  The spray will go under all the appliances and in the utility rooms.  It is effective because you can get to most of the places the roaches will go. 

Many sprays will interfere with roach reproduction and that is key to elimination.  If you could find one huge nest and spray it with some roach killer it would make a big difference.  However, most of the time you just can’t find the nest or don’t want to take down some walls. 

The downside, again, is that your home is covered in poison and the always seem to walk in places that you didn’t spray.  You will certainly eliminate a lot of them and with continual applications all of them.  You will need three to six applications to have a shot at getting rid of them.

Roach Killer by Boric Acid Dust

Boric acid dust is sold about everywhere.  You can find it at most major hardware retailers.  The dust has one good use and that is to put it in wet areas.  If you have crevices or cracks the get wet, put some dust down in there.

To apply dust, you should put a very thin almost imperceptible layer.  The roaches will avoid a thick application.  The hard part is that you need to know exactly where the roaches walk and put it on thin enough that they won’t avoid it.  Then, you need to not walk on it either.  In addition, it doesn’t really work on carpet and other soft materials.  It is mostly for hard flooring like wood or tile.  This makes sense because the kitchen and bathroom will often carry the most roaches.   In reality, this will not eliminate your problem.  It is best used as an addition to roach bait. 

Roach Killer by Traps

The Las Vegas roach trap has gained popularity in recent years.  It is basically a can or jar with coffee grounds and some water.  The roach will climb in and fall and drown. 

You can also buy roach traps at the store and they are rather inexpensive to purchase.  You may have heard of a roach motel.  The roach goes into a little box after some food and can’t get out. 

Traps are used by exterminators to locate where the roaches are.  They are not used to eliminate roaches.  When you see the traps advertised, don’t think it might get rid of your problem because it won’t.  If you don’t know where the roaches are, put out traps and see where the most activity is.  Then, apply more heavily to these infested areas.  That is the best approach.

Roach Killer by Home Methods

You can actually make your own roach killer.  You can take some borax and some powdered sugar and put it out as a dust.  You can also mix some peanut butter with some borax, bread, and some boric acid dust and make bait.  Most home applications focus on trap methods and the dust methods.  The fact is that it rarely works, but I can’t say it is impossible.  I would say your best bet here is to make your own bait.  The downside is that it won’t last nearly as long as a professional formula and will probably not be as effective.  Nevertheless it could work.  Should you try the dusting and trap methods you will have a very low chance of success.

Roach Killer by Nature

I had a cat that liked to capture and kill roaches.  The cat would catch a few, but it certainly wouldn’t eliminate all of them.  There are other natural predators of roaches.  Two of the most widely known are Geckos (lizards) and the Ampulex Parasitic Wasp.  Geckos like to feed on roaches and the wasp will use the roach for feeding newly hatched wasps. 

The story about the Ampulex Wasp is fascinating.  The wasp will sting the brain of the roach and lead it by the antennae to the wasp burrow.  There the wasp will lay eggs on the belly of the roach.  The eggs hatch and the babies eat the roach and the roach will still be alive.  It sounds like a crazy story, but it is actually true.

This method is not very effective because you can’t really get a thousand Geckos in your apartment or find some Ampulex Wasps that want to live in your home.  The main point, after all, is that you must eliminate the source.

Roach Killer by Aerosol Can

Do you really think you can chase down a roach with aerosol?  The aerosols can also be used to coat areas that roaches walk which gives them minor effectiveness.  Most of the roaches that die from aerosol were probably already on their way out anyway.  Aerosol will cover all your stuff with roach killer and is not effective.  That is why it takes last place.  It doesn’t work and you get poison everywhere. 






Roach Killer can help create the mood you want.

Take back your home by eliminating the roaches. It is a constant mood of irritation when you must live with roaches. Learn how to kill roaches with one application once and for all. Please send us stories or information to

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